Bautizo de Buceo en Barcelona

Diving Baptism

Do you want to make your first dive? At Saita Diving we do diving baptisms with the best instructors. Enjoy the unique experience of diving under the depths of the sea for the first time.

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Introductory diving course

Do you want to become a diver? You will have the possibility to do scuba diving with a certificate in dives up to 25 metres deep.

350 €
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Curso de buceo especialización en Barcelona

Intermediate diving course

Do you want to visit the deep sea in a professional way? This is your chance! With this 2 Star Diver course you will be able to make dives to 40 metres deep in decompression, anywhere in the world and at sea level.

300 €
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Curso de buceo experto en Barcelona

Expert diving course

Looking to travel the deep sea in a expert manner? This is the course for you!

300 €
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