How to choose a diving suit?

How to choose a diving suit?

Choosing the right diving suit is very important to ensure a comfortable and safe diving experience. Some of the key factors to consider when selecting a diving suit:

  1. Suit thickness: The thickness of the diving suit will depend on the temperature of the water in which you plan to dive. If the water is cold, a thicker suit will be needed to maintain body heat, while if the water is warm, a thinner suit may be preferred. Wetsuits come in different thicknesses, from 3mm to 7mm or more.
  2. Suit Type: Wetsuits come in many different styles, from full-length suits to two-piece suits. Full body suits offer greater thermal protection, while two-piece suits can be more comfortable and offer more flexibility of movement.
  3. Size and fit: It is important to select a wetsuit that fits properly to the body. A wetsuit that is too big or too small can be uncomfortable and reduce thermal protection. There should be a snug but not restrictive fit to prevent water from entering the suit.
  4. Suit Material: Wetsuits are made of different materials such as neoprene, spandex, and lycra. Neoprene is the most common material used in diving suits due to its ability to insulate heat and provide buoyancy. Stretchy materials, such as spandex and lycra, are often used in slim-fit wetsuits. There are other suits for very cold waters and technical diving called dry suits since no water enters and they are made up of several sheets of different insulating and abrasion-resistant materials.
  5. Zippers: Wetsuits may have zippers on the front, back, or sides. Zips in the front can make it easier to put on and take off the suit, while zips on the back or side can be more convenient and require another person to open and close them.

In summary, to choose a suitable diving suit, you must consider the temperature of the water in which you will dive, the style, the fit, the material and the zippers. Be sure to try on several suits before buying one, and choose one that fits you well and provides the thermal protection and comfort you need. In any case, our technicians will advise you on the choice if you participate in one of our scuba diving courses in Barcelona.

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