Do I need a medical certificate to dive?

Do I need a medical certificate to dive?

In general, a medical certificate is required to dive in most countries including Spain. This certificate must be issued by an authorized doctor and must indicate that the diver is physically fit to practice diving.

The reason why a medical certificate is required is that diving is a demanding physical activity that can have serious consequences if carried out without adequate physical conditions. For example, lung disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, epilepsy, and diabetes are some of the medical conditions that can affect a diver's ability to safely perform diving activity.

The medical certificate must include a comprehensive review of the diver's general health, as well as a review of any pre-existing medical conditions and any medications the diver is taking. In addition, the medical certificate must be issued by a doctor familiar with the physical fitness requirements necessary for diving.

It is important to note that the requirements for the medical certificate may vary depending on the country and the diving organization. Therefore, it is recommended that divers check the specific requirements of the country or the diving organization before undertaking the activity.

The validity of the medical certificate is two years for divers up to three stars and one year for sport diving instructors.

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